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2020 European Refrigeration Export Germany Refrigeration Fan Coil Purification Heat Pump Exhibition

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Author : Sherry
Update time : 2020-06-30 15:02:46
Exhibition time: October 13, 2020 ~ October 15, 2020

Exhibition country: Germany

Venue: Nuremberg Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition industry: HVAC and refrigeration

Introduction to the exhibition
CHILLVANTA international HVAC, air conditioning, fan coil and ventilation exhibition will be a grand meeting of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and purification industries. The core of the exhibition will still be HVAC and air conditioning purification. At that time, investors, design firms, engineering companies, retail wholesalers and general contractors of HVAC, air conditioning, ventilation and purification industries will gather together to show the latest innovation achievements of the industry, seek their own cooperation opportunities and discuss
CHILLVANTA, Germany will also organize various professional seminars and special activities to provide exhibitors and visitors with a platform to understand the latest development trends and technologies in professional fields, and promote cooperation between relevant production enterprises and product users.

Scope of exhibits
1. Refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation: air conditioners, fan coils, refrigeration equipment, ventilation devices, refrigeration and air conditioning accessories, composite separators, air supply equipment, electrical equipment, building cold and hot devices, temperature controllers, humidity and temperature control devices, air humidity equipment, air filters, air purifiers, air treatment units, air filters, humidifiers, dryers, cleaning equipment, condensers, water coolers, and so on
2. Heating and heating projects: heating equipment, heating equipment, floor heating equipment, heating equipment, solar energy technology, fuel oil devices, gas devices, heat energy recycling and utilization, air heaters, etc.

3. Heat pump: various heat pump units, technologies and products.
4. Pipe distribution system and accessories: all kinds of radiators, pipes, valves, pumps and meters;  Voltage regulator, temperature controller;  Flue system;
5. Heating equipment: radiators, floor heating equipment, radiators, thermostats, various boilers, heaters, heat exchangers, chimneys and flues, geothermal, heating safety equipment, hot water storage, hot water treatment, hot air heating system, heat pump and other heating systems.
Building automation: all kinds of air conditioning, heating and cooling equipment, processing equipment and control devices, building automatic control and software technology, new process materials and applications, construction machinery and installation technology in construction, industry, commerce, food, automobile and family residence, etc.
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