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Cause of Fan Coil Unit Failure

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Update time : 2020-03-06 17:41:50
At present, the most common is that the horizontal concealed fan coil unit occupies the leading position in the whole central air conditioning industry. Due to its compact design, the concealed fan coil unit is flexible in installation and can be installed in hotels, high-grade residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals and other places due to its independent control or manual control.It was not until the last few years that it was widely used in civil life.  Friends who know about  all know that fan coil units are mainly composed of adjusting fans and surface coolers. During the year-round operation , it is inevitable that various kinds of fan coil unit failures will occur.

Today, let's learn about the causes of fan coil unit failures.

The cause of the fan coil unit failure is that it has a small air output volume or fails to reach the fresh air cooling or heating effect. Friends who know the fan coil unit should know that the fan coil unit is divided into an air inlet and an air outlet. Indoor air enters the coil from the air inlet of the coil, and then the fan in the fan coil flows into the room through the radiator of the surface air cooler and the air outlet. In order to protect the air quality delivered by the fan coil unit, our fan coil unit manufacturer,  A filter screen will be installed at the air inlet of the coil unit to filter impurities in the air. If the filter screen is used for a regular period of time, a layer of dust will accumulate. In this way, the air outlet of fan coil unit will not meet the requirements of the air inlet volume, and of course the fan coil unit air outlet volume will also decrease. If so, the effect of the fan coil unit will obviously not reach the performance effect when it was just bought.