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"Moonlight Box" gives you different warmth in winterⅢ

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Author : sherry
Update time : 2020-11-20 14:12:44
Today, we continue the content of the previous article, and continue to talk about the prospect of household ultra-thin fan coil units, so as to end our Moonlight Box series.
Popularization prospect-replacing traditional radiator
At present, there are more than 2,000 radiator manufacturers in China, with an annual output value of nearly 7 billion yuan and an annual output of about 380 million radiators. However, among these enterprises, there are only more than 10 famous brand-name production enterprises with strong production scale, and only a few dozen medium-sized production enterprises, most of which belong to "workshop-style" enterprises.
Due to the high temperature of water supply for radiator heating, it is generally 70-90 C; The installation position is difficult to adjust, which affects the furniture placement. The radiator has a single function and can only heat. In summer, additional refrigeration equipment is needed, and the input cost is high. From the air distribution analysis, the indoor temperature distribution in the room where the radiator is installed is uneven, the heat is transferred by radiation, the temperature near the heating is high, and the cold and warm air is stratified seriously, which makes it uncomfortable.
In view of the inherent shortcomings of traditional radiators in product function, use and installation, YESNCER moonlight treasure box has a low water supply temperature, and the water temperature working range is 45-60 C; The installation forms are diverse and the layout is flexible, which can be well matched with the interior decoration without affecting the decoration effect, especially in the air flow distribution, the temperature rise is faster and more uniform than that of the radiator, and it feels comfortable.
Considering the demand of cooling in summer, it can be used together with the heat pump host, and a set of waterway system can be shared by cooling and heating, which greatly saves installation cost and precious space.
In Europe, America, Australia and other developed countries and regions, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The local government has continuously increased the procurement of heating equipment or product subsidies with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection year by year, so as to minimize the energy consumption of residential heating and significantly reduce carbon emissions.
Similarly, in China, with the further implementation of the energy-saving and emission-reduction policies and measures in the 12th Five-Year Plan, the heating equipment in residential rooms in China is bound to move towards the reform road of high efficiency and energy saving.
I believe YESNCER will make a great contribution to environmental protection and energy saving.

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