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What are the factors related to the poor cooling of fan coil units

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Author : Sherry
Update time : 2020-05-22 14:54:11
Fan coil unit is an air conditioning product with cooling as the standard working condition. According to the function, there are single cooling fan coil and cooling and heating fan coil unit. From here, it can be seen that the most important and basic function of fan coil unit is cooling, which is also an important standard to measure the performance of fan coil unit. Fan coil unit is not cooling, and the cooling effect is not good, which indicates that the unit is malfunctioning. In this case, it is necessary to timely investigate the causes and solve the problems.
So, what are the factors related to the poor cooling of fan coil units?

1. Physical reason: Whether it is cooling or heating, the most taboo thing for air conditioning is air leakage in the space. If the doors and windows are not closed during cooling, or the doors enter and exit too frequently, the loss of cooling capacity will be caused. The cooling effect of fan coil units is definitely not good.

2. System reason: Fan coil unit relies on the compressor of the main engine to compress the refrigerant, and then carries the cold to the coil heat exchanger through the circulation of water to blow the cold. If there is not enough water and water flow speed, the cold will not reach the standard and the cooling is not good.

3. The reason for the failure is actually the extension of the above problem. Why is the water flow rate of the fan coil less and why is the flow rate slower? The main reason is that debris enters the coil and blocks the coil. The original pipeline of about 9mm turns out to be 5 mm. You can imagine if it has a great impact on the water flow rate and flow rate.

4. Maintenance reasons: the fan coil unit is not well cooled, and there is another external reason, that is, there is a problem at the tuyere. The filter screen will be installed at the air inlet, and the mesh number of the filter screen is also designed through the system. The filter screen will not be cleaned for a long time, and there is too much dust on it, blocking the mesh, which not only increases the wind resistance, but also reduces the air output, resulting in poor cooling of the fan coil unit.

The four main reasons that affect the cooling effect of fan coil units are all repairable. The main reason is the inadequate maintenance of fan coil units.
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