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Fan Coil Unit For Hospital Project

Project name:
Baoding Branch of Beijing Children's Hospital

Product we supplied:
Fan coil units and modular air conditioner

Completed in:

Project introduction:Baoding Children's Hospital, located at NO.3399 Hengxiang Street, Lianchi District, Baoding city
Baoding Children's Hospital was founded in 1958 and is a municipal public children's hospital in Hebei Province.  In May 2015, Beijing Children's Hospital officially hosted Baoding Children's Hospital and added the sign "Baoding Hospital of Beijing Children's Hospital", becoming the first inter-provincial hosted hospital for public medical institutions under the background of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development.  At present, it has developed into a "five-in-one" comprehensive children's hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care and community service.It covered an area of 40,000 square meters, with a building area of 80,723.79 square meters, 600 beds and 200 outpatient infusion observation beds .It is a spacious and bright, functional, reasonable layout, high standards, modern children's hospital.
Benefit from the fan coil units and modular air conditioner supplied by YESNCER, all the doctors nurses and patients always feels the cool in summer and warm in winter.

Project name:
Langfang Gu’an Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine

Products we supplied:
Floor standing fan coil units

Completed in:

Project introduction:
Gu 'an county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is a county-level comprehensive second-class hospital of traditional Chinese medicine with complete functions, which is mainly engaged in diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and integrates scientific research, teaching and prevention.
There are 131 employees,16 clinical departments and 7 medical technology departments in this hospital, which covered an area of 6,100 square meters, with a building area of 5,669 square meters.The floor standing fan coil YESNCER supplied not only saved much installation expense,but also created an comfortable environment for both medical staff and patients.