fan coil unit Manufacturers from

R&D technology
R&D technical force:
We have research and development design technical team for fan coils, air handling units, and outdoor units with more than 10 years experience and the software for coil and fan selection.

Own production and inspection equipment:
• Sheet metal production equipment: CNC turret punch press, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, etc.
• Coil production equipment: high-speed punching machine, tube expanding machine, pipe bending machine, copper pipe straightening cutting machine, etc.
• Panel production equipment: rice gold opener, high pressure foaming machine, laminating machine, etc.
• Assembly production line: fan coil unit assembly line, air handling unit assembly line, etc.
• Test equipment: test room, electrical safety monitoring equipment, air handling unit air volume test bench, coil pressure test equipment, etc.


We have the first-class evaporator, condenser and sheet metal processing equipment.


Self-developed control system is more intimate that is to say we master the core technology.


We can supply OEM service or fan coil matching solution for customer.

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