Horizontal concealed fan coil unit

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Fan coil units are mainly composed of centrifugal fans and coil heat exchangers. It is the terminal device of the central air conditioning system.
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One of the terminals in the central air conditioning system, mainly consists of centrifugal fan and heat exchanger etc.

There are 9 specifications of the product. 
  1. From FP34 to FP238.
  2. Cooling capacity: From 1.8kw(6141.6btu) to 12.6kw(42991.2btu).
  3. Heating capacity: From 2.7kw(9212.4btu) to 18.9kw(64486.8btu).
  4. 2 pipes or 4 pipes.

Hotel, restaurant, factory, exhibition hall, shopping mall and office buildings and so on.

Features and advantages

1.Galvanized metal plate.
2.Pure copper tube, hydrophilic aluminum foil fins.
3.Three speed motor.

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