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Hydraulic module

Item No.: 15
The hydraulic module is suitable for circulating transportation of air conditioning water, cooling water, sanitary hot water and other water media in the central air conditioning water system.
It can be used together with any water circulation central ai
Why use it?
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Pump model YXSM60K YXSM40K
rated flow m3/h 16 5
rated lift m 20 35
pump power kw 1.5 1.0
inlet pipe diameter mm 74 40
outlet pipe diameter mm 74 40

1. System Integration and Space Saving

The hydraulic module integrates water pump, valve, safety components, automatic water replenishment, bypass water replenishment, system cleaning and sewage disposal components and control. It discards the 2. Quick installation and cost saving
One unit of hydraulic module is equal to the function of one machine room, which shortens the construction of machine room from more than 2 days to 2 hours of unit installation, saving more than 70% of construction time and material cost.
3. convenient management and simple maintenance
Various components and equipment of the original decentralized combination of the hydraulic module are opened in the machine room, and are now integrated into a closed unit, so that the damage of human and environment to the equipment is reduced, the service life of the equipment is prolonged by more than 40%, and the maintenance and overhaul costs are reduced at the same time.
4. professional design, quality assurance
The core components of the hydraulic module have been specially selected and designed, and have been strictly tested and debugged. The pipelines in the unit are all made of galvanized pipes and copper materials to ensure the excellent and reliable performance of the whole machine.
5. intelligent control, skill safety
The hydraulic module system can carry out joint control communication with the host computer and the indoor terminal. The intelligent control can realize the function of automatic seasonal switching. The real-time monitoring of the operation process improves the operation stability of the whole engineering system, which is more than 30% of the skill of the traditional distributed computer room.

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