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After reading this article, your customer will know how important the fresh air system is to him!

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First, introduce the new home improvement system to your customers like this:

A fresh air system is an independent air handling system composed of an air supply system and an air exhaust system.

It is divided into ducted fresh air systems and ductless fresh air systems.



Second, what benefits does the home improvement fresh air system bring to your customers?

The ducted fresh air system is composed of a fresh air blower and pipe fittings, through which the outdoor air purified by the fresh air blower is introduced into the room, and through which the indoor air is discharged;

The ductless fresh air system consists of fresh fans, which also purify outdoor air and introduce it into the room.


fresh air ventilator

Third, your customers use different environments and need to use different systems!

The ducted fresh air system is more suitable for industrial or large office areas because of its large amount of work;

A ductless fresh air system is more suitable for home use because of its convenient installation.


fresh air ventilator
IV. Traditional indoor ventilation mode:

1、Open the window ventilation:

Opening a window will lead to airflow disorder, which may bring the odor of the bathroom and kitchen into the living room and bedroom;

The toilet may produce odor “backflow” phenomenon; Outdoor air entrains a lot of outdoor dust, which affects indoor sanitation; Heating will cause a lot of waste of energy and electricity.

2、Exhaust fan ventilation:

The ventilation fan can continuously remove the indoor odor, but can’t fully meet the replacement demand of indoor fresh air; The price is cheap, and the later maintenance cost is very small;

Can continuously ventilate for 24 hours; Loud noise; When fresh air is not introduced, the exhaust resistance increases and the effect is not good. The exhaust fan has a large air volume and limited scope of action.

3、An air conditioner with fresh air:

The air received by the wall-mounted air conditioner comes from the air conditioner itself and the external unit, and a fresh air system is formed between the room and the external unit. There is a central air conditioner with fresh air, and the fresh air circulates normally indoors.

The disadvantage is that bacteria multiply in the air outlet, especially in winter, and the temperature of the air conditioner is a hotbed of bacteria; It can’t fully exchange indoor and outdoor air, and the price is higher than that of ordinary air-conditioners, but it is cheaper than fresh air system plus air-conditioners.


Schematic diagram of working principle of fresh air ventilator

V. Air purification

A. An air purifier: it can absorb dust and other particles in the air, eliminate harmful molecules, and cannot update oxygen.

B. Air freshener: After spraying indoors, it is mixed with the original dirty air, which is equivalent to coating the room with “camouflage”.

C, Air disinfectant: It can kill bacteria and microorganisms in the air, but it can’t update oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide, so it can’t cure indoor air pollution.


A fresh air ventilator can maintain indoor air pressure balance

Summarize the disadvantages of traditional ventilation:

Opening a window will cause airflow disorder, which may bring the odor of the bathroom and kitchen into the living room and bedroom;
2, toilet shaft may produce odor “backward” phenomenon;

Outdoor air entrains a large amount of outdoor dust, which affects indoor sanitation;

Heating will cause a lot of waste of energy and electricity. Here are the advantages of the fresh air system.


Fresh air ventilator helps you filter the outdoor filth and bring fresh air
VI. Fresh air ventilation system brings fundamental improvement to your life:

1) You can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening a window;

2) Avoid “air conditioning disease”;

3) Avoid indoor furniture and clothes from getting moldy

4) Remove the harmful gas released slowly for a long time after indoor decoration, which is beneficial to human health;

5) Recover indoor temperature and humidity to save heating costs;

6) Effectively eliminate indoor bacteria and viruses;

7) Ultra-quiet

8) reducing indoor carbon dioxide concentration;

9) dustproof;


The fan allows you to breathe fresh air

Seven, home improvement fresh air system differences between two common ways:

The diversified ventilation system formed by the combination of exhaust air and natural intake air is composed of fans, air inlets, air outlets, and various pipes and joints.

1、Ducted fresh air system:

The central duct fresh air system is connected with the fresh air host through the duct. The principle of the system is that the kitchen and bathroom are equipped with exhaust fans and exhaust ducts, and the bedroom and living room are equipped with air inlets.

When the exhaust fan is running, the original indoor air is discharged, which makes the indoor air generate negative pressure. Under the action of indoor and outdoor air pressure differences, the fresh outdoor air enters the room through the air inlet, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor ventilation.


Air-exchange ventilation demonstration

2、Single fresh air system:

Single fresh air system is a newly listed fresh air system product in recent years, which includes a wall-mounted fresh air system and a floor-mounted fresh air system.

Its main structure is not much different from that of the central fresh air system.

The difference is that the single fresh air system does not need complicated pipeline engineering, and the installation method is very simple.

It can be installed before and after decoration, and the maintenance cost in the later period is also very low.

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