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Do you know the principle of general open-air fan coil unit?
Fan coil is the terminal equipment of central air conditioning in water system, which is used for comfortable air conditioning. It is mainly composed of heat exchanger and fan, and its working principle is composed of two circulation systems: wind circulation and water circulation.
Water circulation: cold water (hot water) from the central engine room circulates in the heat exchanger through water pipes.
Wind circulation: the air in the room is continuously recirculated in the unit, so that the air is cooled (heated) after passing through the cold water (hot water) coil to keep the room temperature constant.
1.The fan coil mainly relies on the forced action of the fan, so that the air is cooled or heated when passing through the heater surface, thus strengthening the convection heat exchanger between the radiator and the air, which can quickly cool or heat the air in the room.
2.Fan coil unit control mostly adopts local control scheme, which is divided into simple control and temperature control. Simple control: use the three-speed switch to directly and manually control the three-speed conversion and start-stop of the fan.
3. Temperature control: The thermostat automatically controls the opening and closing of STV series electric two/three-way valves according to the comparison and calculation between the set temperature and the actual detected temperature; Three-speed conversion of fan. Or directly control the three-speed conversion and start-stop of the fan, so as to achieve the purpose of constant temperature by controlling the air volume of the system.

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