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How to judge whether the fan coil is damaged?
How to judge whether the fan coil is damaged? Here is Baoding Yuexin's advice:
(1) Measure whether the fan coil unit power supply voltage is normal. If the fan coil unit power supply is abnormal, first repair the fan coil power supply.

(2) If the fan coil unit does not rotate or rotates slowly after confirming the normal power supply of the fan coil, the fan coil unit is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Cause of damage

(1) The quality of the fan coil unit itself is not good, and the wire package is burnt and partially short-circuited until the electronic circuit of the fan coil unit is damaged, or the lead of the fan coil unit is cut off, mechanically jammed, the oil bearing is dried up, and the plastic is aged and deformed and jammed.

(2) The environment is not good, with water vapor, condensation, corrosive gas, dirt blockage and high temperature causing plastic deformation.

The replacement of fan coil unit is briefly introduced.

(1) It is better to choose the original model or the fan coil unit with superior performance than the original model when replacing the new fan coil. The fan coil units with the same size contains many kinds of air volume and pressure.

(2) There are many situations when the fan coil unit is disassembled, which will affect the internal movement of the frequency converter. Records and marks shall be made during disassembly to prevent errors when the fan coil unit is replaced.  Some designs have fully taken into account the convenience of replacement. At this time, it is necessary to have a clear look and not blindly dismantle and move.

(3) When installing the screws, the fan coil units shall have the proper torque, and shall not deform or break the plastic parts due to over-tightening, nor loosen due to vibration.  The fan blades of the fan coil shall not touch the air cover, and shall not be installed with the fan coil unit.

(4) When selecting fan coil unit, it is better to pay attention to that the fan coil unit bearing is a ball bearing, and the mechanical life of the oil-containing bearing is short.  In terms of pure bearing life, when ball bearings are used, the fan coil unit life will be 5 to 10 times higher.

(5) Fan coil units are installed at the air outlet to withstand high-temperature air flow. The fan blades shall be made of metal or temperature-resistant plastic, and inferior plastic shall not be used to avoid deformation.

(6) The power supply connection shall be correct and good. The rotor blades shall not rub against the wires. After installation, the power supply shall be energized for a try.

(7) It is very important for fan coil units to clean up the blockage of air duct and heat sink. Many frequency converters are overheat protected or damaged due to blockage of air duct.

Baoding Yuexin is a manufacturer specialized in producing and selling fan coil units.  If necessary, please contact us.  Or if you have any questions about fan coil units, you can also contact us at any time.
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