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Air Source Heat Pump

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Air source heat pump is a kind of use can make heat from low heat source high air flow to the high heat source energy saving device. It is a form of heat pump. As the name suggests, the heat pump is like a pump.
Technical data
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Air source heat pump can directly replace traditional coal-fired, oil-fired and electric boilers, and directly connect the end equipment such as floor radiant heating system, fan coil unit, radiator, heat preservation water tank, etc.
It is used for heating rooms in winter, cooling in summer and supplying domestic hot water throughout the year in cold areas.
1.Advanced technology
(1)The invention has wide application range, and can stably cool and heat at the outdoor temperature of -26 to 24 deg C ..
(2)Ultra-low temperature heating. The low-temperature air source heat pump unit adopts a special compressor for the heat pump, thus realizing quasi-two-dimensional compression during heating operation, greatly improving the low-temperature heating capacity and energy efficiency ratio, and realizing safe heating operation at-26 DEG C; The lower the temperature, the better the heating effect. Take the 75KW model as an example.
(3)Jet-enhanced enthalpy compressor+super-cooling injection technology, greatly improve low-temperature heating capacity
2.Leading operation control technology
(1)Unit rotation operation technology. According to the usage load of the system, the heat pump units with priority on are set in rotation, and the operation time of each unit is evenly distributed, thus greatly improving the reliability and service life of the unit. According to frosting conditions, the unit rotates to melt frost to realize uninterrupted heating.
(2)Intelligent defrosting technology to reduce heating attenuation. Heat pump units are prone to frost under the conditions of low ambient temperature and high humidity. Yuexin low-temperature air source heat pump unit can accurately judge the defrosting timing according to the main parameters and load changes of heating operation, achieve quick defrosting with frost and normal heating without frost, and can perform forced manual defrosting according to actual conditions.
3.Multiple protection functions to ensure safe operation of the system
The modular structure is adopted, and the units are started in stages to reduce the impact of the starting current of the units on the power grid. The unit is equipped with high and low voltage switch, anti-freezing protection device, flow controller, overload protection device, power supply phase sequence protection device, etc., and is equipped with operation control device. In case of failure, the controller will give real-time automatic alarm.
4.Advanced intelligent control system. A single controller can realize centralized control of up to 16 heat pump units, manage the start-stop sequence of the units, and users can know the running status and fault status of the units in time through the controller.
5.Environmentally friendly refrigerant, low carbon and energy saving.


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