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Combined air handling unit Clean room purification central air conditioning system

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Provide medical air handling unit for hospital and mask factory OEM, Combined purifying air conditioner, Constant temperature and humidity direct expansion purifying air conditioning unit
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The combined air conditioning unit is an air treatment equipment assembled by various air treatment functional sections.  Suitable for air conditioning systems with resistance greater than 100Pa.  The air treatment function section of the unit includes air mixing, flow equalization, filtration, cooling, primary and secondary heating, dehumidification, humidification, blower, return blower, water spraying, noise elimination, heat recovery, etc.

Each functional section of air conditioning unit:
New return air mixing section
1. The position of the new air return port can be set at the end, top or left and right sides respectively according to the design requirements. If it is inconsistent with this sample, the specific opening position shall be provided.  A regulating valve can be installed on the new air return port, and the actuating mechanism has three types of manual, electric and pneumatic, which can be selected by the user.
2. The filtering section has two types of primary and medium-effect filtering. It is equipped with rhombus bag type, four-peak bag type or automatic winding type. The filtering material is made of high-quality polyester non-woven fabric. It also adopts a filter quick assembling and disassembling mechanism and a gland display and alarm device.
Fresh exhaust section
(also known as flat-top air distribution mixing section) The box body of this section is equipped with a primary air return valve. The front and rear box tops of the valve are respectively provided with a row of air outlets and a new air outlet, and are equipped with a regulating valve. Its function is: when there is a return fan, the air conditioner can discharge part of the return air to mix the fresh air with the primary return air according to the required proportion;  When the DC system is used in the transitional season, the primary air return valve shall be closed and the exhaust valve and fresh air valve shall be fully opened.
Energy recovery section
For cross air separation and mixing and exhaust energy recovery in double fan system.  This section of the box is equipped with a primary air return valve with an energy recovery device at the top. It is a kind of fresh air that indirectly cools (heats) the fresh air by using the cold (heat) of the exhaust air. The fresh air can recover about 60% of the sensible heat energy of the exhaust air through the plate energy recovery device.  At the same time, exhaust air and fresh air are not in direct contact, which is especially suitable for energy recovery of direct current air conditioning systems that eliminate indoor harmful gases.  When it is used as a DC system, the primary air return valve should be closed, and an exhaust system should be set up separately for places with highly toxic gases, which is not suitable for this section.
Intermediate section (maintenance section)
This section is used for connection of transition section and internal maintenance lighting of the unit.  Before the filtering section, intermediate sections shall be set up before and after the surface cooling section, heating section and silencing section.
Secondary return air section
The middle section connected to the secondary air return pipe can be equipped with an adjusting valve at the top and equipped with manual, electric or pneumatic adjusting mechanisms, which can be selected by the user. This section can also be combined with the blower section.
Surface cooling section
The surface cooler adopts the structure of copper tube string aluminum foil with four, six and eight rows of tubes. The aluminum foil is in the form of double-flanging corrugated edges. The large elbow heat exchanger reduces 60% of welded elbows, thus improving the heat exchange power. The advanced mechanical expansion tube ensures the contact performance of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is divided into fixed type and rotary type. Users can choose one according to their needs. The heat medium is steam or hot water.
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