water air conditioner fan coil unit for home

Ultra Thin Wall Hanging Water Fan Coil Unit Radiator only heating

Item No.: 10
Fan coil units referred to as "fan coil units. It is made up of small fan, motor and coil (air heat exchanger) one of the terminal device of air conditioning system.
Technical Data
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This product can replace the traditional radiator. Compared with the traditional radiator, it has higher heating efficiency and heats up quickly after starting up.

  1. The product uses less water, heats up quickly, the 100% pure copper wire motor has low noise and long service life, realizes forced convection heat dissipation, and can reach the set temperature within 5-10 minutes after starting up.
  2. The water temperature only needs 40-60 DEG C to be normally heated, and the installation cost is low and the heating area is large.
  3. Ultra-thin curved panel, streamline shape design, compact overall structure, elegant appearance, can save space.
  4. The panel is easy to disassemble and easy to clean the filter screen.
  5. Various types of installation can be used independently or mixed with radiator.


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