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Fan Coil Units
    Fan coil units are mainly composed of centrifugal fans and coil heat exchangers. Fan coil is the terminal device of the central air conditioning system. Fan coil unit mainly uses the forced action of the fan and the function of the air cooler to continuously or intermittently deliver air with a certain temperature difference to the room to maintain the heat and humidity balance and temperature of the room.
    Fan coil units can be widely used in offices buildings and hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, clubs, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other multi-room or large space industrial and civil buildings for air conditioning.
    The compact size design saves you valuable installation space. Fan coil unit is used to meet the requirements of cooling, dehumidification, heating and so on, creating a fresh and tranquil working and living environment for mankind.
    Our fan coil unit can be devided into three types, ceiling horizontal concealed fan coil unit, ceiling 4 way cassette fan coil unit and universal exposed fan coil unit. Universal exposed fan coil unit includes 2 installation types: celing hanging fan coil unit and floor standing fan coil unit.