Industrial Fan Coil Unit

Item No.: 6
Heating and cooling, High Static Ducted Press FCU, Purify Air
Achieve multi-tuyere ultra-long distance air supply
Provide a variety of functional sections to meet the air quality requirements




Air Flow


Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity



The high static pressure fan coil unit adopts the latest appearance design and can be applied to ceiling type at the same time. The unit adopts a large-diameter wind wheel and high-power low-noise motor to ensure that the air supply can reach an ultra-long distance. It is the best choice for large-space workshop buildings and halls.

Product features and advantages:

This series of fan coil unit panels are made of color steel plate or galvanized steel plate through compression molding and bending. Cooperate with internal heat preservation and noise elimination materials, the appearance is beautiful and elegant.

Fan coil unit heat exchanger adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube, high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fin and advanced tube expanding process to make the copper tube and aluminum foil reach the best contact.

Large air volume, high efficiency, low noise and large diameter centrifugal fan are adopted to enable the unit to exert the most ideal heat transfer efficiency

The water-collecting head is forged with brass, which makes the water flow evenly distributed and reduces the pressure loss, further improving the overall heat transfer effect of the fan coil unit.

The famous brand motor is adopted. Fully enclosed rolling bearing. The base is insulated from vibration by rubber shock pads to reduce running noise.

High flexibility and easy installation and maintenance.

It can be applied to a variety of installation modes according to the site conditions, and the unit can be controlled by using a three-speed switch or a fan coil unit temperature controller. The casing of the unit can be easily and integrally removed, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

Unit dimensions of high static pressure fan coil unit
Model FP272 FP300 FP350 FP400
A Total length 1115mm 1115mm 1615mm 1615mm
B Unit length 1050mm 1050mm 1550mm 1550mm
C Air outlet length 780mm 780mm 1280mm 1280mm
D Distance of lifting holes 1085mm 1085mm 1585mm 1585mm
E Air inlet length 850mm 850mm 1350mm 1350mm

Technical data

Technical parameter of high static pressure fan coil unit
Model FP272 FP300 FP350 FP400
Power         W 200 300 300 400
Motor 1
Fan 2
Weight        kg 41.7 44.5 53 55.3
Condenser L 910mm 1410mm
W 300mm
T 65mm
Air outlet static pressure 100pa
Air flow       m3/h 2720 3000 3500 4000
Cooling capacity(6deg C) 14.4kw 16kw 18kw 19.4kw
Heating capacity(60deg C) 20.6kw 24.2kw 27kw 28.3kw
Water inlet/outlet DN20
Condensate drain outlet DN20
Copper 3 rows
Waterway 6 in 6 out
Copper diameter 9.52mm
thickness 0.26mm
Aluminum foil thickness 0.105mm
Distance of fins 1.3mm
Material Oil-free and flower-free 1mm galvanized sheet