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2022 Air Source Heat Pump National Key Project Cases
In 2022, our company will undertake the case of a national key project of an air source heat pump.

In 2022, our company will undertake the case of a national key project of an air source heat pump.

In 2021, I will undertake the construction of the project. The construction land area of ​​the public rental housing community is 40.5 mu. There are 4 high-rise residential buildings built, which can provide 2004 sets of public rental housing. Currently, it has been completed.

Our company undertakes the construction of this national engineering project, which is a residential area for residents.
Air source heat pump heating equipment is green, safe, and reliable

Project scale:

The total construction area of ​​the community is 126,336 square meters, and the residential area is 94,749 square meters.

Project supporting buildings:

6976 square meters of commercial buildings, 3525 square meters of public kindergartens, and a greening rate of 30%.

The community will be allocated by lottery on July 9, 2022, and will be officially moved in on September 1, 2022.
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The public rental housing carries the  pursuit of a better life and is also devoted to the wisdom and ingenuity of the builders.

Building 2# of the public rental community is the first high-rise prefabricated building in Northwest China that adopts integrated construction. The exterior wall on the north side adopts the integrated technology of thermal insulation structure.

During the construction process, the discharge of on-site solid waste is reduced by 80%, which can effectively save energy and reduce consumption and reduce environmental pollution. Create a scientific, healthy, environmentally friendly, clean, low-carbon modern way of living, production, and life for residents.


Air source heat pump ready for an outlet

In addition, the use of air source heat pump heating in public rental housing is also a highlight of the community to improve the quality of living.

In the northeast corner of the community, the reporter saw 8 large square boxes, connected by various pipes and instruments, and a boiler room was built in the far east, which turned out to be the heating center of the community.

Air source heat pump heating equipment is green, safe, and reliable

Air source heat pump used by customers

Advantages of using an air energy heat pump in the project:
An air source heat pump is an energy-saving device that utilizes high energy to flow heat from low heat source air to high heat source. Compared with natural gas and coal-fired boilers, it does not need to use coal, oil, gas, and other fuels during operation, and only uses a small amount of electricity. It can drive the compressor to run and only absorb the low-temperature heat in the air as the main energy source for cold water heating.

Through this more green and energy-saving heating method, the residential area has neither open flames nor toxic and harmful gases during heating in winter. and occupant safety.


Foreign customers photographed and installed the air energy heat pump

During the heating season, the public rental housing community not only relies on the air source heat pump for heating but actually adopts the double coupling system of the air source heat pump and the natural gas low-nitrogen condensing boiler for peak regulation. The operation of this system will reduce the consumption of raw coal by 2,100 tons per year. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5,460 tons and nitrogen oxides by 14.4 tons.

According to the changes in heat load and electricity charges, the community will also increase the electric energy storage system in the later stage to save energy costs and relieve the pressure on the grid during peak electricity consumption. Ensure that the heating of the community is truly green, safe and reliable, clean and low nitrogen, safe and efficient, livable and comfortable.


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In recent years, Xi’an City has comprehensively deepened the structural reform of the housing supply side, and constantly improved the housing market system and security system. “Having a room to live” to “living well”.

Our company undertakes this project, which is a key experimental task in China. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Xi’an will accelerate the development of affordable rental housing, and the new affordable rental housing will reach 300,000 units (rooms).


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The air energy heat pump construction plan we provide has made the living facilities of the affordable housing community more complete, the property service more intimate, the living quality of the residents has been continuously improved, and the spiritual life of the residents has been enriched.

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