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Common faults of fan coils and causes of malfunctions
The fan rotates but the air volume is small or does not wind. Why?

Common faults of fan coils and causes of malfunctions :
1. The air supply gear is not properly set, the filter has too much dust, the coil ribs too much dust, the voltage is low, and the fan reverses.
Form of expression: the fan rotates but the air volume is small or does not wind
2. The fan bearing is not well lubricated or damaged, the fan blade is too dusty or damaged, the fan impeller is friction with the casing, The air outlet is not flexibly connected with the external air pipe or the air supply outlet, the coil pipe and the drip tray are not flexibly connected with the air supply return pipe and the drain pipe. the fan coil is operated under high speed, the connection of the fixed fan is loose, and the air outlet is loose.
Form of expression: vibration and noise are too large
3. When the hydraulic system strength test and the tightness test of the pipeline system, only the pressure value and the water level change are observed, and the leakage inspection is insufficient.
Form of expression: Leakage occurs after the pipeline system is in operation, affecting normal use.
4. The temperature gear is not properly set, there is air in the coil, the water supply temperature is abnormal, the water supply is insufficient, and the coil fins are oxidized.
Form of expression: the wind blown out is not cold enough (hot)
5. The condensate pipe will be concealed without a closed water test.
Manifestation: It may cause water leakage and cause loss to the user.
6. The fan coil selection system is not carefully washed before completion, and the flow rate and speed cannot meet the pipeline flushing requirements. Even flushing with water pressure test drain instead of flushing.
Form of expression: The water quality does not meet the requirements of the pipeline system operation, and often the pipeline section is reduced or blocked.
7. winter construction under negative temperature hydrostatic test.
Manifestation: The pipe freezes quickly during hydraulic test, causing the pipe to freeze.
8. After water testing in cold areas, the pipeline did not drain the accumulated water in time in winter.
Manifestation: pipeline and parts are frozen and damaged, resulting in water cut-off for repair, affecting normal production and living water.
9. Concealed engineering projects without inspection or unqualified, began to carry out the construction of next working procedure.
Manifestation: hidden dangers left behind by the project often cause rework losses.
10. The same type of room with the same pipe is not used as a model room.
Manifestation: The pipes in the room are the same but the methods are different, and the sizes of the throwers are not uniform, resulting in rework.
11. pipe connection flange and gasket strength is not enough, connecting bolt is short or thin diameter.  Rubber pads are used for thermal pipelines, asbestos pads are used for cold water pipelines, and double-layer pads or inclined pads and flange pads protrude into the pipes.
Manifestation: flange joint is not tight, even damaged, and leakage occurs.  Flange gasket protruding into the pipe will increase water flow resistance.

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