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Measures to compensate for the adverse effects of large temperature differences

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Update time : 2019-12-04 15:09:50
In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving in the design and operation of large temperature differences, certain measures must be taken for fan coil units to compensate for the adverse effects brought by large temperature differences.

(1) Reduce the inlet temperature of cold water.  Lowering the chilled water supply temperature can improve the dehumidification and refrigeration capacity of the fan coil unit and partially offset the adverse effects of the increase in the cold water supply temperature difference on the fan coil unit.

(2) Increase the number of coils.  Increasing the number of rows of fan coil units can improve the cooling capacity and dehumidification capacity of fan coil units and achieve the same effect with small temperature difference.
(3) Add a spoiler inside the coil to enhance heat exchange so as to reduce the number of rows of water coils.

These are the improvement measures for last news, hoping to bring help to everyone.  As a fan coil unit equipment manufacturing industry, it will comprehensively consider the above factors, integrate energy-saving technology into the design, improve the performance of fan coil units, and make continuous efforts to create a more comfortable and healthy life.