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defrosting methods for fan coil unit

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Author : Sherry
Update time : 2019-09-30 16:55:59
There are several defrosting methods for fan coil unit modules:
1. Electric heating defrosting
2. Natural Defrosting
3. Hot gas bypass defrosting

Electric heating defrosting is the most commonly used defrosting method for fan coil unit modules. only an electric heater needs to be installed in the air cooler, and then the electric heaters are connected together through cables. the defrosting system can be started manually according to actual requirements, and can be automatically stopped when the preset program is reached. it is a very simple and easy defrosting method, but it may consume more because electric defrosting is used.

Electric heating defrosting process:
Start defrosting-compressor stops running-condensing fan stops running-electric heating element starts power-defrosting starts-reaching preset time-defrosting ends-refrigeration system restarts fan coil module machine to naturally defrost by adding a water collecting tank at the top of the evaporator, opening a round hole at the bottom of the tank, tap water enters the round hole of the copper pipe after entering the water collecting tank through the water collecting tank, flows through the evaporator fins evenly from top to bottom, and turns frost into water to be taken away.

The hot gas bypass defrosting method belongs to a relatively complicated defrosting method, which can be used for larger fan coil module machines, because this method is more suitable for large systems with more than 3 evaporators, and mainly uses high-pressure gas at the high-pressure end of the refrigeration system to finish defrosting, which can save energy relatively.