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Fan Coil Unit Knowledge: Problems Existing in Installation and Operation and Solutions
Fan coil units have been widely used in engineering due to their advantages of flexible arrangement, simple structure, low investment, independent temperature adjustment in each room, saving operation cost, unit standardization, standardization, easy sele
1. Fan coil unit supply and return pipe filter valve insulation should be tight, in order to prevent the generation of condensate, in the fan coil unit return pipe should also be installed on the automatic exhaust valve, exhaust valve exhaust hose connected to the condensate plate, in order to prevent the automatic exhaust valve broken after the discharge of water to the ceiling.
2. Stainless steel ball valves shall be installed on the supply and return pipes of fan coil unit to regulate the water flow and cut off the water source during maintenance. The inlet water of the units shall be softened to ensure the heat exchange efficiency of the fan coil unit.
3. For fan coil unit without air filter, a filter screen shall be installed at the air return opening. If the fan coil returns to the windbox, the return air filter screen shall be installed on the return windbox. The return air filter screen should be easily pulled out and installed to facilitate the cleaning and replacement of the filter screen and ensure the treatment air volume of the fan coil unit. If the return air filter screen is not installed, dust will accumulate on the fan impeller, volute, coil aluminum fin, etc. after the unit runs for a period of time, resulting in reduced air volume, increased noise, increased power consumption and poor cooling and heating effects.
4. Before connecting the water supply and return pipes with the fan coil unit, flushing and blowdown of the pipe system shall be carried out to prevent sludge and welding slag from entering the fan coil to block the pipe during the construction process. During the pipe connection, excessive force shall not be used to avoid twisting crack and water leakage. After the water supply valve, a water filter shall be installed to prevent sundries of the water supply system from entering the heat dissipation rib pipe of the fan coil unit to cause blockage and thus make it unusable.
5. When hoisting horizontal fan coil unit, all threaded screws with a diameter of 6-8mm shall be used in combination with flat washers, spring washers and nuts to fix the fan coil units. The hoisting points shall be kept firm, and the hoisting points shall be tightened and have sufficient strength to bear the operating weight and vibration of the units. When hoisting the fan coil units, it shall be ensured that the water pan is inclined to the drain pipe by more than 5 degrees to facilitate the outflow of condensed water. At the same time, when the condensate outlet of the water receiving pan is connected with the condensate pipe network, soft connection measures shall be adopted, and transparent rubber hose or other better flexible pipes may be used for connection.
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