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Why is it necessary to clean the fan coil unit
Why must we clean the fan coil in hot summer? Some people will say that in order to make the fan coil work stably, others will say that it is for sterilization. Now look at the articles we prepared for you, you will understand more.
After cooling, the central air conditioner main engine sends 7-degree water to the fan coil and exchanges it in the fan coil to form 15-16-degree cold air, thus lowering the room temperature.

However, there are many dust particles in the atmosphere. Under the action of long-term pumping and return air, the aluminum fins of fan coil are full of dust and dirt. At this time, on the one hand, the heat exchange between chilled water and hot air is affected and the air temperature drop is affected.  On the other hand, it also affects the delivery of cold air that has cooled down after heat exchange, resulting in the phenomenon that the air conditioner is turned on and the room is still not cold.  Therefore, after the central air conditioner has been used for a period of time (generally 1-2 years), the fan coil aluminum fins must be cleaned to solve the above drawbacks.  After cleaning the water collecting plate of the fan coil, disinfection and sterilization are carried out and the condensation water pipes are dredged. fan coil disinfection and sterilization sheets are regularly placed on the water collecting plate of the fan coil to prevent pipe blockage due to the reproduction of bacteria and algae.  At the same time, the impeller, volute, motor, shaft, etc. of the fan coil unit shall be disassembled, washed and dedusted.  After the fan coil is cleaned, the ventilation volume increases, the central air conditioning effect is good, the indoor air quality is good, the noise is reduced, the electricity charge is reduced, and the condensed water is smooth.

When cooling in summer, due to the large amount of condensed water, when flowing into the condensed water drain pipe in the tray, it is easy to generate bacteria and algae, blocking the condensed water drain pipe, so the fan coil tray should be cleaned, sterilized and algae-removed, etc.
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