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Features of 4-way cassette fan coil unit the latest function introduction of 4-way cassette fan coil.

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Author : sherry
Update time : 2020-11-23 16:06:46
Fan coil unit it is widely used in our family to install equipment at the end of the air conditioner. As long as the air conditioner is inseparable from our fan coil unit, and in our large family of fan coil units, the 4-way cassette fan coil unit is a very good type of fan coil unit, so today I will introduce some features and functions of the 4-way cassette fan coil  unit for you to understand.
Fan coil unit is an ideal end product of central air conditioning. It is composed of heat exchanger, water pipe, filter, fan, water pan, exhaust valve, bracket, etc. its working principle is that the air in the room is continuously recycled in the unit, so that the air is cooled (heated) after passing through the cold water (hot water) coil to keep the room temperature constant. Usually, the fresh air is sent into the room after being treated by the fresh air unit to meet the demand of fresh air volume in the air-conditioned room. With the continuous development of fan coil technology, the field of application is also becoming larger. It is mainly used in offices, hospitals, scientific research institutions and other places. The fan coil unit mainly relies on the forced action of the fan, and achieves the expected effect through the function of the surface cooler. The higher the water supply temperature is, the greater the cooling capacity decreases and the dehumidification capacity decreases.
The structure of card type surface mounted fan coil unit is exquisite, compact, durable, beautiful and elegant. The fan coil unit is made of high-quality galvanized plate shell, and the condensate pan is molded by die pressing process. The heat preservation material without welding seam and welding spot, which meets the fire protection standard, is connected to the water pan as a whole. The volume of fan coil unit is small and the body design is light. The installation of drainage pipes and lines is simple, and the left and right connecting pipes and return air modes can be changed at any time to match the site conditions. The fan coil unit has high efficiency and advanced expansion technology, which ensures the close contact between the copper tube and aluminum foil of the heat exchanger, and has good heat transfer performance; the noise of the fan coil unit is 1-3dB (a) lower than the national standard due to its low noise, reasonable fan and air flow structure design, and high-quality sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials; The energy consumption of fan coil unit is low, the fan and heat exchanger are reasonably matched, and the air volume is adjustable at three levels, so that the fan can use the most electricity.
Temperature and humidity: 4-way cassette fan coil unit should create a comfortable indoor air environment for human body. As the indoor air environment plays a very important role in human comfort, creating the indoor air environment required by human comfort has become the primary task of air conditioning. If the indoor air temperature is required to be 24 ni11y and the relative humidity is 55% 15%, then the air conditioner should not only keep the temperature base of 24 ℃ and the humidity base of 55%, but also ensure the temperature accuracy of 11y and the humidity accuracy of * 5% (i.e. the allowable fluctuation range of temperature and humidity), as well as high freshness and cleanliness.
Purification and fresh air: 4-way cassette fan coil unit should meet the indoor air environment required by process production. Temperature and humidity conditions not only directly affect the normal production process, but also affect the output and quality of products. Such as spinning 3. Eliminate indoor harmful gas and concentrated heat and moisture. In order to obtain a good indoor air environment, the carbon dioxide in comfortable air-conditioned room and the bad smell in the toilet, the poisonous and odorous harmful gases produced by the production workshop of process air-conditioning, as well as the local parts that emit a large amount of heat and moisture, the fan coil units need to be eliminated by the passage air conditioning and exhaust facilities, so as to obtain a good indoor air environment.

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