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Notes for Installing and Debugging Cassette Fan Coil Unit
Fan coil units are referred to as fan coil units. It is one of the terminal devices of air conditioning system composed of small fan, motor and coil (air heat exchanger). When chilled water or hot water flows through the fan coil pipe, the fan coil pipe
1. Protection Measures: When handling the fan coil unit, the panel cannot be lifted.  When installing fan coil units, special attention should be paid to prevent construction materials from entering the fan impeller, motor and surface cooler. Before operation, inclusions inside and outside the drip tray and condensate pipe must be removed.

2. Installation of fan coil units: the panel shall not be removed during installation of fan coil units, and the control box shall not be opened.  When installing the fan coil unit, fix the hanger rod according to the size of the lifting hole of the fan coil unit, and keep it level to ensure that condensate water is removed and reduce vibration noise caused by uneven installation and close contact with the ceiling.

3. Water pipe connection: The installation of all return water pipes and condensate pipes shall conform to the engineering design drawings. The connection between the intake return pipe and branch pipes shall be made of copper pipe/stainless steel soft joint, which can reduce the vibration noise of the pipes and protect the fan disc pipe joint from twisting.  Valves shall be installed in the pipeline to facilitate adjustment and maintenance. Attention must be paid to the cleaning and heat preservation of water inlet and outlet pipes. Condensate plastic pipes shall not be flattened and there shall be no dead bends to ensure smooth discharge of condensate during use. Drainage tests shall be conducted. The water test volume shall not be less than 2kg.  Solenoid valve shall be installed at the water inlet of the unit with drainage pump, check valve shall be installed at the condensate water outlet, and the water level drop of the drainage pipe shall be 30-50 mm.

4. Water supply matters: the temperature of cold water supply for fan coil units in summer shall not be lower than 7℃, and the temperature of hot water supply in winter shall not be higher than 80℃.  The cold water and hot water used must be softened in consideration of the water quality in various places.  The working pressure of the coil is not more than 1.8Mpa.

5. Maintenance of fan coil unit: cut off the power supply during maintenance.

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