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Remind your customers to pay attention to these four points when installing fresh air units
Why do many newly renovated families feel that the installation of the home fresh air system has little effect? I tell you the answer.
For newly renovated families, in fact, many users often feel that it has little effect when installing the home fresh air system. If this feeling occurs, it is very likely that there is a problem with the location of the fresh air ventilator.


Demonstration diagram of indoor fresh air system


1、Installation problem:

The distance between the indoor air supply port and the air return port is too small, the air supply duct is positive pressure, the return air duct is negative pressure, the air flows to the negative pressure, and the newly introduced fresh air is quickly discharged outside, resulting in the installed fresh air system almost No effect.

Extend the duct to each house, and set the position of the return air outlet and the air supply outlet reasonably according to the airflow organization.


Air Handling Unit production workshop

2、Installation problem:

If the fresh air system is simply installed without a matching purification system, the fresh air introduced into the room is still air with poor air quality.

Choose a filter fresh air ventilator to filter and capture pollutants in the air, remove PM2.5 in the air, and ensure that the air introduced into the room is fresh and clean.


Ceiling-type fresh air unit usage scenarios

3、Installation problems:

The distance between the outdoor air supply and the return air is too small, causing the dirty air discharged from the room to be re-introduced into the room.

In this case, if conditions permit, try to set the air supply outlet and the return air outlet on different walls to avoid short circuits of airflow more effectively. If the conditions are limited, the air supply outlet and the return air outlet should be on the same side wall, and the distance should be at least 2 meters.


4、Installation problems:

The location of the air outlet is planned incorrectly.

The fresh air ventilator is placed in the ceiling of the kitchen or bathroom.
First, there will be a certain amount of noise when the fan is working, especially when it is in strong gear.
The second is that in most cases, the fan is the part that requires the most height. If it is placed in the kitchen or the bathroom, where the functionality is much higher than the beauty, making the ceiling slightly shorter has little effect.

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