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What is the working principle of the air conditioner?
The air conditioning processing unit is suitable for: precision machinery factory, textile workshop, GMP pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, purified water workshop, hospital operating room, ICU and other occasions.
1、Air-conditioning box is a unit formed by integrally installing air filters, surface coolers, heaters, humidifiers, and other air-handling components in a vertical/horizontal cabinet box.

The air conditioner is without a refrigerator, and the centralized cold and heat sources provide cold and hot water.

Combined air conditioning unit

According to the pressure outside the machine, it can be divided into two types:
If the external pressure of the air-conditioning box is large, the fan coil unit can be connected.
Generally, the fan coil unit is not connected to the air-conditioning box with small external pressure.

Cabinet air conditioning units have the advantages of small floor space, easy installation, and flexible use, and are mostly used in large rooms with small or scattered areas.

Multiple cabinet air-conditioning units are distributed in large air-conditioned rooms for use.
After maintenance, the air-conditioning box unit can make the use effect good, recover the refrigeration and heating, save the operation cost and prolong the service life.


Air inlet and outlet of combined air conditioning unit

2、An air-conditioning unit is a kind of air-handling equipment assembled by various air-handling functional sections.

1、Suitable for air conditioning systems with resistance greater than 100Pa.

2、The functional sections of air treatment of the unit include air mixing, flow equalization, filtration, cooling, primary and secondary heating, dehumidification, humidification, blower, return blower, water spraying, noise elimination, heat recovery, and other units.


Air-conditioning machine inside

3、What inspections do you need to do before installing the air conditioning unit?

Before installation, check whether the drainage slope of the drip tray at the lower part of the cooling section and spraying section is enough and whether the water seal at the drainage point is reliable.

Check whether the thickness of the thermal insulation layer of the unit meets the requirements, whether the bedding of the thermal insulation material is uniform, and whether there is a cold bridge at the joint of each functional section, to prevent condensation of the shell.

Check whether the thermal insulation materials of the unit meet the fire protection requirements. The thermal insulation materials should be flame-retardant or incombustible materials and should have the approval certificate of the competent fire department.

After the unit is installed, check whether the wind speed distribution on the section is even. Whether there is water entrainment at the back of the cooling coils or the water spraying section. This phenomenon should be avoided as far as possible.


Working principle of air conditioning unit

4、How make the combined air-conditioning unit fully work?

A combined air-conditioning unit is a kind of multifunctional air-handling unit, so it is necessary to let all components play their roles in use.

Combined air conditioning unit

It is mainly suitable for air purification systems of various clean workshops. The central air-conditioning terminal fan coil unit and the combined air-conditioning unit can be used together.

Such as industrial electronics factories, precision machinery factories, textile workshops, GMP pharmaceutical factories, cosmetics, food factories, pure water workshops, hospital operation departments, ICUs, and other occasions.

5、So, how to make the combined air-conditioning unit fully work?

1、The first thing to do is to check the combined air conditioner regularly to give full play to its function.
2、Check the final resistance value of the primary and intermediate filters.

3、Clean the primary filter once a year and replace it every two years if the final resistance is more excellent than 30Pa, clean or replace the primary filter.
4、Medium-efficiency filters should be replaced every three years or the final resistance is greater than 50Pa.


Air Handling Unit Testing Center
5、Cleaning, replacing, and testing the primary filter bag and the intermediate filter bag.

6、Clean the accumulated ash on the fins of the blow-brush heat exchanger with compressed air every year.
7、High-speed water flow or compressed air can be used to blow and brush the inside of the heat exchanger water pipe.


8、The pressure shall not exceed 0.3Mpa
9、Every 2-3 years of operation, use chemical methods to clean the inside of water pipes of heat exchangers to remove scale.
10、Regularly remove impurities in the condensate water seal.


Air Handling Unit Filter Segment
11、Check the electrical wiring frequently.
12、Whether all kinds of protection devices and grounding are normal.


Air Handling Unit production workshop
In combined air-conditioning units, measures should be taken to prevent the coil from freezing and cracking in the low-temperature environment in winter.

Pressure gauges and thermometers should be installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the air conditioning water system, and filters should be installed on the inlet pipes.


Air Handling Unit Laboratory
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