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the central air conditioning tuyere

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Update time : 2019-10-24 13:31:13
The selection of the size of the air outlet is mainly based on the capacity of the indoor fan coil unit. If the air outlet is too large and the air duct is too long, the airflow intensity will decrease, affecting the use effect of the fan coil unit.

If the central air-conditioning tuyere is too small, then the air flow speed will become larger and the noise will increase without comfort.
Therefore, the central air conditioning tuyere and sugarcane should be determined according to the length of indoor fan coil and decoration environment.

Central air conditioning tuyere material: ABS, aluminum alloy, wood, if you pay more attention to cost performance can choose aluminum alloy tuyere, on the contrary if you pay more attention to decoration style, then choose wood tuyere or ABS central air conditioning tuyere.

Have you understood all those things about the central air conditioning tuyere?  The choice and design of tuyere are also very important besides the piping design and installation that determine the comfort and aesthetics of the central air conditioning.