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Fan coil maintenance method

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Update time : 2019-10-31 11:38:13
Fan coil cleaning mainly includes maintenance, cleaning (descaling, sterilization, algae removal by fan coil surface cooler), protection of fan coil and air inlet and outlet.  The detailed cleaning process is as follows:

1. Cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of the filter screen at the air return port of fan coil unit.
2. Air supply system sterilization.
3. The fan coil surface cooler shall be cleaned, descaled and sterilized with special cleaning agent for central air conditioner.  Adhere to smooth ventilation.
4. Docking water tray, filter to remove sludge, debris, clean, adhere to the flow dredge.
5. In and out of the wind grid clean sanitation.

With the improvement of people's requirements for the air environment, the application of fresh air units such as fan coil units, fans and heat exchangers has received our active attention.  In order to ensure the normal function of the equipment, we are prompted here to do a good job of dust sorting in a timely manner.  Fan coil unit is responsible for transferring the cold heat of hot and cold water to the air passing through the fan coil unit.  In order to ensure high efficiency of heat transfer, fan coil manufacturers require the appearance of the coil to be as bright as possible.  However, because fan coil units are generally equipped with coarse-effect filters with relatively large holes, dust inevitably passes through the filters and adheres to the pipe or fin surface of the coil unit when it is first put into operation.  If it is not cleaned in time, the amount of heat exchange between the cold hot water on the coil and the air flowing out of the coil will be reduced and the heat exchange efficiency of the coil cannot be fully exerted.  If there is a lot of dust attached, and even some air passages between the ribs are blocked, the air supply volume of the fan coil unit will be reduced together, further reducing its air conditioning function.  In addition, the daily protection and maintenance of the filter screen, drip tray, coil and other primary components cannot be ignored to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and provide fresh air and a comfortable living environment for people.