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Air Cooled Module Unit Chiller

Item No.: 21
Air cooled modular cold and hot water unit is a central air conditioning unit with air as cold and hot source and water as cold and hot medium. As an integrated equipment with both cold and hot functions, air-cooled modular cold and hot water units are cl
Technical data
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■Applicable area: over 300m2.
■Applicable places:
Hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls, airports, stadiums and other public facilities.
■Product features:
High efficiency, energy saving, low noise, reasonable structure, simple operation, safe operation, convenient installation and maintenance.
Unique system design enables efficient operation in a wide temperature and pressure range.
Ordinary units can achieve the highest refrigeration environment temperature of 48℃, low-temperature units can achieve the lowest heating environment temperature of -20℃, high-temperature hot water units can achieve the highest hot water outlet temperature of 60℃.
■Naming rules:


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