Medical Purified Air Conditioning Air Handling Unit

Item No.: 6
Clean combined air conditioning units are widely used in pharmaceutical, tobacco, medical, biological, electronic, automobile manufacturing and other fields.  According to the characteristics of clean air conditioning system, this series of products adopt
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Humidity clean air conditioning units can widely meet the strict requirements of different users for indoor climate environment such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness and freshness.
It can be widely used in precision machinery, electronics, optical equipment, surface treatment, medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, fine chemicals, various measurement and testing laboratories and other industries.

There are 13 specifications of the product. 
  1. From KFAHM2.6 to KFAHM37.
  2. Cooling capacity: From 7.5kw(25590btu) to 233.1kw(795337.2btu).
  3. Heating capacity: From 13.5kw(46062btu) to 344.1kw(1174069.2btu).
  4. Air flow: 2600m3/h - 37000m3/h.

Pharmaceutical, tobacco, medical, biological, electronic, automobile manufacturing and other fields

Features and advantages:
1. With good filtering system
2. Positive and negative pressure control production grid
3. DDC or PLC intelligent control system
4. Frequency conversion technology

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