Rooftop Central Air Conditioning Unit

Item No.: 95
Roof air conditioning unit is a large and medium-sized integral air conditioning equipment with its own cold source and air cooling.
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■Applicable area: 50-2000m2.

■Applicable places:

Hotels, restaurants, theaters, gymnasiums, shopping malls, schools, offices, entertainment places and senior residences.

■Product features:

1.The unit adopts totally enclosed scroll compressor with few moving parts and high reliability.  Double press parallel press design, part load increased by 15-30% microcomputer automatic control, LED status display, simple operation and complete functions;

2.The integral unit is designed with flexible and convenient installation position. It can be directly installed on the roof or courtyard space without special machine room, saving installation space and various air return modes.

3.Side-to-side feeding, lower-to-lower feeding, upper-to-upper feeding, straight-through feeding, etc. can ensure your selection is convenient and simple.

4.Maintenance and management are convenient and quick. 
■Naming rules:

1: Roof Air Conditioning Unit
2: Heat pump,   single cooling does not mean
3:Air cooled
4-6:cooling capacity
8:Refrigerants    A-R410a, c-R407C, R22 does not represent
9-10:OH = high static pressure of external fan, not indicated by standard machine
11-12:XX= next delivery, SS= last delivery, standard machine does not indicate
13:X= with fresh air valve
14:D = electric heating
15:Internal fan side, H= high static pressure, L= low static pressure, not indicated by standard machine

Performance Parameter Table of Rooftop Central Air Conditioning Unit

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