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7 Concerns When Purchasing HAVC Products Abroad

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Update time : 2022-10-10 13:53:05

Fan coil units are ideal end products for central air conditioners. Fan coil units are widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential, and scientific research institutions.


Whether in China or the global market, many projects have a high demand for HAVC water system cooling and heating equipment.

As far as I know, modern buildings have a high demand for HAVC system hosts (water-cooled screw, air-cooled screw, air source heat pump) and central air-conditioning end fan coil units.


7 doubts about HACV foreign trade procurement

The new technology of ultra-thin fan coil surface cooler-it’s thinner, and the use effect is better
So, have you been hesitating about the following questions when you are tens of thousands of kilometers away?

1、How can I find a Chinese HAVCA manufacturer?

2、Will, he not deliver the goods to me after I pay the fee?

3、Is the price of the supplier I choose suitable? Is it the manufacturer I’m connecting with? Or a dealer? Is he the real fan coil manufacturer? Is it a real host manufacturer?


7 doubts about HACV foreign trade procurement
4、Can he guarantee product quality? Is it guaranteed for 2 or 5 years as he promised?

5、I am a large-scale project engineer or a distributor in the region, can I enjoy ODM/OEM services?

6、Does this manufacturer have the ability to develop molds for equipment? Can I guarantee that all my needs are met?

7、How is his packaging? Will the packaging be damaged during long-distance transportation?


HAVC main engine production workshop
If I were you, I would also consider these questions and even more of my concerns!!

HAVC main engine production workshop


1、I am the top 10 manufacturer of HAVC brands in China

Vertical ultra-thin fan coil finished products, waiting for delivery and export

2、I regard “credibility” as my life, without “credibility” I will not be able to survive. I have been engaged in this industry in China for 22 years, and have been engaged in foreign trade for nearly 10 years. This problem does not exist at all.

Fan coil production workshop for aquaculture
3、I am a real HAVC manufacturer. You can see my various production workshop videos on the homepage of the website, which are all filmed by me.

HAVC host finished product inspection link
4、I will write all my commitments into the contract. I dare to promise a 5-year warranty for the host and a 2-year warranty for the fan coil units because I am very confident in my products!
  5、I have dozens of cases of research and development of molds and customized products. I have rich experience in ODM/OEM.
I need to keep customer information confidential, and it is inconvenient to publish it on the website.
If you are interested, please contact me, call, or email me! All real data, real cases!


HAVC Host Product Testing Enthalpy Difference Testing Workshop

6、My factory has more than ten production lines with different processes and 5 assembly lines.

But one thing, I sincerely say, if it is very complicated host customization, or too simple standard product customization such as fan coil motor, etc., we will also help you to purchase these products.

But please rest assured, we have fixed suppliers, and our purchase price will be much cheaper than your own.


Air source heat pump waiting for delivery at export

7、Packaging directly affects whether the product can be used normally. Our product delivery and price are divided into two categories. They are sample orders and bulk shipments.

Sample list: The packaging is in a wooden case. Before packing the product in a wooden box, wrap 2 layers of moisture-proof film, and use polyethylene foam to fill between the product and the wooden box to prevent the sample from shaking in the wooden box and causing bumps. The cost will also be higher.


Sample customers’ favorable comments on product packaging

Bulk Delivery: We recommend that customers ship the goods in containers so that the goods in the containers are safer.

If not, we will use wooden pallets, and the automatic baler will wrap the wooden pallets and products with moisture-proof film as a whole.

Find the best logistics with the most suitable price and service quality, and assemble the containers with other friends. The cost is relatively low.


The moisture-proof film-packed fan coil for bulk shipment

Fan coil unit for whole cargo handling in cabinet
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