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Where will the low-cost fan coil unit save costs?

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Author : YESNCER
Update time : 2022-10-11 18:56:10
As a fan coil manufacturer, I would like to remind you not to pay attention to the product price. 

If you blindly ask HAVC manufacturers to lower their prices, the manufacturers may give you these two different answers.

First, I’m sorry, I can’t accept this price.
We must ensure the later use effect and service life of fan coil units.
Although the price of my products can’t be lower than your psychological expectation, I can assure you of the quality of the products.
I can offer a 2-year warranty.

Second, OK, no problem, this price is OK. Money can be delivered quickly.


For the answers of the above two manufacturers, if a buyer is not knowledgeable, he must be more willing to accept the second answer.

If it were me, I would think that the buyer who gives me the second answer is flexible and frank in doing business. Sign the order soon.

But I want to say that all kinds of problems will appear when your customers use it later. Did you lose your client?


Fan coil leakage site
Chinese manufacturers, at present, regard their brand reputation as their life, and we are all reputable manufacturers with a conscience.

Baoding Yuexin will tell you what changes the fan coil unit will make to reduce the product cost in order to match the price.


My HAVC production workshop
1、Reduce the width and thickness of the aluminum sheet.

Adverse effects are caused by later using less conductive area of aluminum sheet, low heat dissipation performance, the short service life of aluminum sheet, and substandard cooling capacity and heating capacity.


Strength test of horizontal concealed fan coil steel plate

Close-up of fan coil fin details
2、Replace copper pipe with aluminum pipe or change the diameter of copper pipe of the surface cooler (internal radiator of fan coil) to 9mm, 8.8mm, and 8mm, and the wall thickness is below 0.25. Such operations are non-standard products.

Adverse effects caused by later using the cooling/heat dissipation effect of the fan coil decreases, the copper pipe is easily damaged, the fan coil unit surface cooler drips down, and it is not easy to check where the water leaks.


Production site of copper pipe of fan coil surface cooler

Look at the quality of my copper pipe. Is it very good
3、The motor is not pure copper, and the bearing quality is not up to standard. In order to save costs, no moisture-proof and anti-corrosion measures are taken, and the motor is not protected from overheating.

The adverse effects of later use: the motor is not pure copper, which will cause poor heat dissipation, and the motor is easy to get hot;

The motor shaft is easy to rust, and when the unqualified bearing is used, the motor rotation is unbalanced and the noise is loud;

The motor has no overheat protector, which is easy to burn, resulting in short service life and low safety of the whole motor;

There are also some centrifugal fans that are formed by rolling and welding, which will generate secondary noise.

Size parameters of fan coil pure copper motor
Size parameters of fan coil pure copper motorize parameters of fan coil pure copper motor
As a fan coil manufacturer, I suggest you don’t neglect the details when purchasing. Any details will bring different use effects.

In China, I believe that most of the manufacturers of fan coil units meet the standard. We can all provide quality products for you who are far away from home.


Fan coil unit penetrates the copper pipe