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Common Fault Phenomena of Fan Coil Unit

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Author : Sherry
Update time : 2020-09-19 11:04:42
Performance and treatment of fan coil noise fault:

1. Noise caused by bearing damage; The treatment method is to replace the bearings.

2. Noise generated by the ceiling during operation; The treatment method is to adjust the height of coil hanger rod nut, or to deal with the friction between tuyere and ceiling keel.

3. There is noise caused by air in the pipeline; The treatment method is to exhaust the air in the pipeline at the coil exhaust valve, floor exhaust valve and terminal exhaust valve.
Fault manifestation and treatment of fan coil unit failing to start or running slowly:

1. The temperature switch is damaged; Measure whether there is electricity at the input end of the temperature control switch and the output pile head of the fan with an electric pen. If it is judged that the temperature switch is damaged, the temperature switch can be replaced or repaired.

2. Slow running speed: a, feel whether the surface temperature of fan coil is normal; b, turn the fan blades manually after shutdown, and feel whether the rotation is flexible; if there is resistance, replace the fan bearing; c, if the manual disk works normally, replace the starting capacitor; d, measure the resistance of the motor coil; if it is abnormal, replace the motor.
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