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Air Source Heat Pump Sells Well In European Market
Driven by the stimulus policy of continuous energy shortage and high subsidies in Europe, the demand for air-source heat pumps in Europe is strong.
On December 12th, the International Energy Agency warned the European Union that although the energy dilemma has been temporarily eased, the EU's energy crisis may be further aggravated next year, when it will face a natural gas gap of about 30 billion cubic meters.

On the same day, IEA held an offline press conference of the report "How to Avoid Natural Gas Shortage in the EU in 2023" in Brussels. At present, China's heat pump products have been a stable supplier of heat pump imports from Europe, taking on 60% of Europe's heat pump demand, ranking first, while the second place is only 10% from Japan.

Air Source Heat Pump

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues, the energy crisis in Europe is worsening, the situation of the energy crisis is severe, and the import demand for air-source heat pumps in Britain is strong.
. Driven by the stimulus policy of continuous energy shortage and high subsidies in Europe, the demand for air-source heat pumps in Europe is strong.

China is one of the world's leading producers of air-source heat pumps. Since 2020, the export of air-source heat pumps has achieved sustained high growth. In the first half of 2022, domestic heat pump exports increased by 60%. In the first seven months of 2022, the export volume of air source heat pump products increased by 215% year-on-year.

At present, the stock penetration rate of heat pumps in Europe is 14%, and the future development space is still broad. China's air-source heat pump export is still expected to maintain strong and prosperous growth.

YESNCER, with the solid accumulation of technology, domestic air source heat pump enterprises, and upstream parts enterprises are expected to further seize the share of the European market.

However, as the international "battle for energy" continues to heat up, Norway, Britain's largest source of natural gas imports, reduces its natural gas output, and the growth of natural gas production in Britain gradually stagnates, so Britain is facing the problem of energy shortage.

According to the "2022-2026 UK Air Source Heat Pump Market Investment Environment and Investment Prospect Evaluation Report" released by New Thinking Industry Research Center, in order to meet the domestic heating demand, the sales volume of the UK air source heat pump market keeps increasing year by year; In addition, according to the "Net Zero Strategy 2050" issued by the British government, heat pumps are considered to be the best way to decarbonize building heating in the UK, and it is planned to achieve the annual installation of 600,000 heat pumps by 2030.

In terms of policy, in 2022, the UK provided a subsidy of 4000 pounds for air-source heat pump equipment with power not exceeding 45kW, which further stimulated the market demand. The future development potential of the air source heat pump market in the UK is relatively huge.

The epidemic situation in China is open, and YESNCER, a British HVAC exhibition, is expected to attend as scheduled.
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