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Horizontal ceiling concealed fan coil unit
Fan coil unit can be widely used in offices buildings and hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, clubs, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other multi-room or large space industrial and civil buildings for air conditioning. The compact size design s

1.The structure is exquisite, firm and durable.
This series of fan coil units adopt galvanized sheet casing. The frame is formed by using a first-class galvanized sheet through die processing, and has a firm structure and is not easy to deform.

2.High performance, high efficiency and low power consumption.
Fan coil heat exchanger adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube, high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fin and advanced tube expanding process to make the copper tube and aluminum foil reach the best contact. In addition, a fan with large air volume and low noise is used to enhance heat transfer, so that the unit can give full play to the most ideal heat transfer efficiency. The water-collecting head is forged with brass, which makes the water flow evenly distributed and reduces the pressure loss, further improving the overall heat transfer effect of the fan coil unit. Permanent low noise capacitor motor is adopted, rolling bearings are fully packaged, and lubricating oil does not need to be added.
3.The operation is quiet and never rusts.
The base is shock-proof with rubber to isolate vibration and reduce running noise. The wind wheel is high-efficiency low-noise multi-wing centrifugal fan blade. It is made of galvanized sheet with high dynamic balance. Pittsburgh-type engagement is adopted between the main board and the side board of the air shell.

4.No condensation, no water leakage

High-grade steel plate die one-step stamping process is adopted, without welding seams and welding spots, and the surface is treated by hot dipping and electric painting. 7mmPE thermal and warm-keep insulation is integrally bonded to the water pan; Not only is the processing simple and the appearance beautiful, but also the phenomenon that the welded water pan is easy to drip and leak is eliminated, and the service life of the water pan is greatly prolonged. The width and length of the water pan can cover the piping space of the water inlet and outlet electric valve to ensure the water collection effect.

5.Easy adjustment and maintenance

Motor of top branch, the top brand in China, is adopted, and the bearings used are rolling bearings.  The motor shaft is made of quenched and tempered steel, the surface of which has been specially treated for rust prevention and is durable.  Optional three-speed switch or thermostat, easy to operate, can adjust indoor air volume and cooling capacity.

6.High flexibility and low installation cost

The design of the machine body is light, the installation of drain pipes and lines is simple, and the direction of left-right connection and return air can be changed to match the site conditions.

7.Flexible and convenient selection (optional)

Configurable electric heating function; PTC electric heating is selected for safety and high efficiency.
Can be equipped with high static pressure fan, suitable for installation with air duct, etc.
Return bellows (lower return air and rear return air) can be configured to facilitate connection of air pipes;
A new air outlet of the return air box can be configured;
Configurable detachable air filter screen; Forms: nylon filter screen, aluminum alloy frame nylon filter screen, aluminum alloy frame full aluminum filter screen, photocatalyst filter screen;
Can be equipped with a lengthened water pan (extended-increased by 250mm) to better store valve leakage and condensed water;
Can be equipped with stainless steel condensate pan (standard, extended-250mm more).
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