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How to choose chillers and fan coils?

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Update time : 2022-08-01 11:34:00
Selection of refrigeration host in water-cooled chiller air conditioning system
1. Calculate the cooling load of air conditioning according to the air conditioning area and room function of the building.
2. Calculate the total cooling load of building air conditioners. Encyclopedia of refrigeration WeChat official account.
3. Most buildings need to consider the simultaneous utilization rate of rooms, which is 70~80% in general buildings. In special cases, it should be determined according to the functions and usage of buildings.
4. Refrigerator cooling load is the product of total cooling load of building air conditioner and simultaneous utilization rate. According to the calculated cooling load of the refrigerator, the main refrigerator can be selected.
Selection of cooling tower
Design and selection of cooling tower
1. The number of cooling towers corresponds to the number of refrigeration hosts one by one, so it is unnecessary to consider standby;
2. Water flow rate of cooling tower = water volume of cooling water system × 1.2;

Selection of fan coil units
Fan coil has two main parameters: cooling (heat) capacity and air supply capacity, so there are two methods to select fan coil:
(1) according to the circulating air volume of the room: the product of the room area, the floor height (behind the ceiling) and the air change times of the room is the circulating air volume of the room. The fan coil model can be determined by using the circulating air volume corresponding to the high-speed air volume of the fan coil.
(2) Selection according to the cooling load required by the room: According to the load per unit area and the room area, the cooling load required by the room can be obtained. The model of fan coil can be determined by using the cooling capacity of room cooling load corresponding to the high-speed air volume of fan coil.
After the model is determined, it is necessary to determine the installation mode (surface installation or installation), air return mode (bottom delivery and bottom return, side delivery and bottom return, etc.) and water pipe connection position (left or right).
For general residential and office buildings, the room area is below 20m2, which can be FP-3.5, FP-5.0 for 25m2, FP-6.3 for 30m2 and FP-7.1 for 30m2. When the room area is large, multiple fan coils should be considered, and the load per unit area of the room is large. When the noise requirement is not high, fan coils with large air volume and cooling capacity can be considered.
Air-cooled chiller air conditioning system
The main equipment of air-cooled chiller air conditioning system are: air-cooled chiller; Chilled water pump; Make-up pump; Electronic water treatment instrument or fully automatic softened water treatment device; Water filter; Expansion tank; End devices (air handling units, fan coils, etc.)
The selection methods and principles of all equipment are the same as those of the above water-cooled chiller air conditioning system.