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Pipe Connection and Common Problems of Fan Coil Unit
Fan coil unit, as an end device of central air conditioning system, is composed of speed regulating fan and heat exchange coil. Fan is generally composed of forward-leaning blades and low-noise motor. Generally, there is three-speed wind speed. Motor is t
Flexible connection is adopted at the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan coil unit: i.e. a hose joint is installed at the inlet and outlet. The soft joint is of a type like glue or metal corrugation, which mainly reduces the vibration of the fan coil unit during operation and can also buffer the stress on the pipe joint or pipe due to its vibration.

In order to facilitate observation of the condition that the fan coil unit removes condensed water during summer operation, a section of (5~8㎝) transparent plastic hose should be installed at the outlet of the condensed water tray. At the same time, dust, fluff, etc. can be removed to avoid overflow of the water tray caused by blocking the condensed water pipe.  Both ends of the hose shall be clamped tightly with hose clamps and shall not be bound with iron wire or other materials.

The horizontal section of inlet and outlet water of fan coil unit should not be too long, and a gradient of 2‰~3‰ should be considered.  Its aspect can be divided into two situations:

In the first case, when the elevation of the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan coil is higher than that of the main pipes of chilled water (air conditioning hot water), when the horizontal branch pipes connecting the fan coil unit are installed, the inlet pipes shall be installed in reverse slope and the outlet pipes shall be installed in forward slope.  Air in the system is removed from the manual vent valve of the fan coil unit.

The second case is when the main supply and return water pipe is higher than the inlet and outlet of fan coil unit.  Automatic exhaust valves can be set on the main supply and return water pipes for system emptying. When installing the horizontal branch pipes, the inlet pipe shall be installed along the slope and the outlet water (return water) shall be installed on the reverse slope. The air in the coil heat exchanger in the fan coil can be basically discharged from the exhaust valves of the main pipe.
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