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The 6th China (Chengdu) International Fan Industry Exhibition

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Update time : 2020-09-17 10:33:53
Organizer: Institute of Dust Explosion Prevention, Northeastern University, China Industrial Energy Conservation and Cleaner Production Association

Exhibition area: 11,500 square meters

Number of sessions: 6 sessions

Holding cycle: once a year

Exhibition overview

The 5th Wind Turbine Exhibition in 2019 came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition received strong support from all parties. The China Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Economic Commission, Chengdu Government, etc., with the help of strong media propaganda such as industry websites, and under the careful organization of the organizing Committee, gained wide attention. The product display gathered many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.
The 6th Chengdu International Wind Turbine Exhibition 2020 will bloom together with the 6th Chengdu Environmental Protection Exhibition 2020. In order to continuously enhance the development potential of the wind turbine industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry, for many years, the wind turbine industry has continuously implemented technical transformation with high starting point, high technology and high efficiency around the needs of major national technical equipment in accordance with international industrial policies. In the 6th 2020 Wind Turbine Exhibition, wind turbine manufacturers will be invited to show the world's wind turbines at home and abroad. Committed to creating a practical, professional and international market and promotion platform for China's wind turbine industry.
At that time, buyers and suppliers will gather together to exchange and learn from their peers in the industry in an interactive experience environment, and exhibitors will get excellent opportunities to expand their business. We are dedicated to providing a powerful platform for image display, brand promotion, marketing and communication for the global wind turbine industry, which is a grand event that suppliers and buyers cannot miss.
The theme of the 6th China (Chengdu) International Fan Exhibition in 2020 will be "scientific and technological innovation leads the industry, green power creates the future", encouraging enterprises to develop low-noise and energy-saving fan products to fulfill the national responsibility of promoting green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, driving the innovation and development of the overall technology of the fan industry, and implementing the strategic blueprint of the 13th Five-Year Plan and China Industry 2025.

Scope of exhibition

Fans: intelligent fans, electric heaters, chillers, blowers, centrifugal blowers, FRP fans, PVC fans, ventilators, aluminum alloy fans, stainless steel fans, Roots blowers, Ye's blowers, centrifugal fans, axial fans and other special purpose fans; Oblique flow fan, cross flow fan, environmental protection and energy saving fan, tunnel fan, pipeline fan, wet curtain fan, high temperature fan, exhaust fan, high pressure fan, explosion-proof fan, sintering fan, dust exhaust fan, boiler fan, mixed flow fan, three-blade Roots blower, portable fan, exhaust fan, low noise fan, Tupu blower, explosion-proof centrifugal fan, jet fan, diagonal flow fan, roof ventilator and induction fan
Ventilation equipment: centralized air supply and exhaust equipment, exhaust and cooling system, heating and ventilation equipment, explosion-proof ventilation equipment, heating and cooling ventilation equipment, water heating ventilation equipment, water faucet cooling ventilation equipment, negative pressure exhaust fan ventilation equipment, etc.; Special balancing machine, complete set of decentralized grinding equipment, DC cooling fan, smoke exhaust and environmental protection air conditioner, air duct, ventilation control equipment, air curtain machine, reducer, airflow switch, air pump, air pump, Roots vacuum pump, etc.

Related accessories: fan impeller, fan casing, tuyere air valve, fan coil, air duct, fan case, rubber products, motor, frequency converter, bearing box, bearing, centrifuge, balancer, standard parts, fasteners, couplings, shock absorbers, actuators, protective nets, filtration and purification, and various applied steels, testing equipment, production equipment, dust removal equipment, welding equipment, etc. Dust removal equipment, fan rotor, fan blades, fan blades and accessories, suction hood, air duct equipment, fan silencing (sound insulation) equipment, VAV equipment, sealing materials, etc.
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