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What are the faults of fan coil unit? Method of checking fan coil unit
1.The output air volume of the fan is small and the refrigerating capacity is poor
Cause: under the normal operation of the fan, in addition to the small air intake is the air leakage in the air duct, the air leakage of the air duct is rare and easy to handle, and the small air inlet is caused by the blockage of the filter screen at the air return outlet.
Solution: often clean the filter screen. If the cleaning is not timely, dust and debris will further stick to the coil fin and fan blade, and the fin is blocked by dirt, which will lead to the decrease of fan ventilation capacity. Dust will also accumulate on the fan impeller, causing the blade angle to become smaller, thus reducing the air volume and increasing the fan current. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the air return filter screen. Cleaning at least once a quarter is becoming more and more difficult.
2 .The noise of coil is big, and the noise increases with the high wind speed
There are several reasons for this phenomenon
(1) In the process of installation and construction, vibration reduction measures are poor and resonance occurs in operation;
(2) There are foreign bodies in the air duct;
(3) Fan blade deformation or motor bearing damage, dynamic balance is poor. In case of this phenomenon, first check whether the coil supports and hangers are loose, and then open the air duct to check and remove foreign matters.
(4) Coil motor does not rotate;
(5) The outlet air volume is normal, and the supply air temperature has deviation;
(6) Equipment and piping dripping.

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