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What is water multi-association? What's the difference between multi-connected water and multi-connected water machines and domestic water machines?

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Author : Sherry
Update time : 2021-10-14 10:35:03
Besides the traditional fluorine machine system, there is also a new environmental protection product-Water Multi-joint chiller system.
1.Interpretation of the concept of water multi-association.
An air-conditioning system that combines multiple water connections and multiple connections with air-conditioning water machines (including water-cooled units, air-cooled units and water-ground source heat pump units).
2. What's the difference with the multi-line air conditioner fluorine machine?
First of all, the operation and cycle principles of multi-connection and water multi-connection are completely the same in summer cooling and winter heating. The biggest difference between them is that the coolant is different and the heat transfer medium on the water-cooled unit is different:
2.1 On the coolant, the multi-connection is freon, and the water multi-connection is water or a substitute liquid for water-this is also the difference between air-conditioning fluorine machine and air-conditioning water machine.
2.2 On the heat exchange medium, air-cooled water multi-connection is the same as multi-connection, and the heat exchange medium is air. The heat exchange medium of water-cooled water multi-connection and water-ground source heat pump water multi-connection is mainly water or geothermal, which is different from air. Because the heat exchange coefficient of water-cooled heat exchanger is much larger than that of air-cooled heat exchanger, the heat exchange area of water-cooled heat exchanger is greatly reduced.
In addition, water multi-connection has the advantages of air-conditioning water machine, which is more comfortable than multi-connection.
2.3 Refrigerant of water manifold system is sealed in the outdoor unit, and the whole water system is adopted indoors, so that the indoor humidity and temperature are kept stable, which is beneficial to breathing, and the skin is healthy and comfortable and not dry. At the same time, the water manifold has the function of secondary regulation of water temperature, which can make the outlet air temperature reach the optimal temperature needed by human body.
3. What's the difference with domestic air conditioner water machine?

Multi-unit domestic main engine is mainly air-cooled unit, which is the same in operation principle and comfort as general domestic air-conditioning water machine. The difference between them lies in system communication and integrated control.
3.1 The function of domestic air conditioner water machine is relatively popular, and the internal and external machines generally cannot be linked, so it is necessary to provide additional joint control board or select indoor machine temperature controller with joint control function to realize the linkage control of indoor machine and outdoor machine.
3.2 The centralized control system similar to the multi-connected system is adopted for water multi-connection. Some brands can integrate the control of outdoor unit, fan coil unit and floor heating on one controller, so as to realize the one-button opening and switching of indoor unit, floor heating and dehumidification.
In addition, the water multi-connected system adopts variable flow control technology, which can automatically adjust the air-conditioning water flow according to the real-time indoor load change, which can reduce the energy consumption of indoor units and the power consumption of water pumps, and may be more energy-saving than ordinary air-conditioning water machines.
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