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Why do so many people choose fresh air ventilation units?
The fresh air ventilation unit is a new type of environmental protection appliance that keeps the indoor air clean and fresh at all times.
The fresh air ventilation unit is designed and developed according to the principle of supplying air on one side of a closed room and drawing air on the other side, and a “fresh air flow field” will be formed in the room.

It is a new type of environmental protection appliance that keeps the indoor air clean and fresh at all times.


Ceiling Type Fresh Air Unit

The fresh air ventilator mainly relies on mechanical air supply and induced air to force the formation of a fresh air flow field in the system.

Like this independent indoor air replacement and purification circulation system, it can well remove indoor polluted air while inputting Natural fresh air, the fresh air input into the room will be filtered, sterilized, heated, and oxygenated.

The overall size of the fresh air ventilator system is small, and the overall reduction is about 20%, saving the installation location, but this does not affect its heat exchange efficiency, the performance is more stable, and the heat exchange efficiency can be maintained under long-term continuous operation conditions, etc.

The stability of this index will be more comprehensive for the models of fresh air ventilators, and the air volume is 100m3/h-100000m3/h, which fully meets the needs of different users.


The fresh air ventilator is also very convenient in terms of maintenance, just need to clean the filter regularly, and the energy recovery module does not need professional cleaning, making maintenance work easier.

If your customer prefers to use high-tech products, then we can also provide DDC building automation and filter differential pressure alarm for your customers, realize remote monitoring and automatic reminder to clean (replace) filter, intelligent controller, original imported control unit, Online detection of user preset working conditions to achieve intelligent operation.


The fresh air treatment unit solves the reduction of oxygen content in the air environment.

The operation tutorial is listed below:

Do not install the fresh air unit with the light trough. The reason is that the light trough may block the cold air or cold air sent from the air outlet, affecting the cooling and heating functions of the air conditioner.

When the fresh air ventilation unit is used for heating in winter after the tuyere is installed, the blades are adjusted to a suitable place, so that the cold air can be sent to different corners of the house more likely, and the setting is too high or too low. Not suitable.

The air outlet and return air outlet of the fresh air ventilation unit should be cleaned regularly.

The air outlet of the fresh air ventilator is easy to cause dust and dirt to accumulate, which affects the air volume and cleanliness of the air outlet.

The air inlet filter is easily blocked by dust, which affects the air output.

There needs to be a 5 cm gap between the air outlet of the fresh air ventilation unit and the wall. This distance is just right, which neither affects the aesthetics nor affects the air outlet.

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