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Filter ball valve and globe valve maintenance is especially important for fan coil units
Filter ball valve and globe valve maintenance is especially important for fan coil units
The last article shared the fan coil unit auxiliary material installation package. You can see carefully that the auxiliary material installation package contains two valves.

These accessories are very important accessories when installing fan coil units.

Some less professional customers or installers pay attention to the installation of these accessories.

As a manufacturer, I have responsibilities and obligations, and I hope to work with you to provide more professional services for your customers.

Please believe me, because I am really a manufacturer, and I am very good at this.


fan coil part

In the previous article, I deeply analyzed the functions of the electric two-way valve and the soft connection.

Today we continue our in-depth analysis of two other important accessories, the spherical filter method, and the globe valve.

One is a 304 filter ball valve and the other is a 304 globe ball valve.


Filter ball valve and globe ball valve installation position
The two ball valves are compared as follows:

The same:

Both are valves, which can open and close the water source of the fan coil.
The two ball valves are all made of edible grade 304 stainless steel raw materials.
Both valve blanks are made of silica sol, and there are no trachoma cracks on the surface.

The difference:

The 304 filter ball valve is installed in the water inlet pipeline.

In addition to controlling the opening and closing of the water source, the more important role is:

The filter screen has a high density, which can intercept impurities in the pipeline and prevent impurities in the waterway from being trapped inside the fan coil and the host.

Cycle, causing premature failure of the equipment.

I am a ball filter
The 304 globe ball valve is installed in the water outlet pipeline.

The globe ball valve is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel and cast by one-piece molding technology.

The main function of the ball valve is to control the opening and closing of the water flow in the main circuit of the fan coil.

I am a globe ball valve
The picture below allows you to clearly see the installation position of the filter ball valve and the globe ball valve.

In addition to the points I mentioned above, the more important thing is:

When your customer installs the fan coil unit for 10 years if the fan coil unit is abnormally used, the equipment needs to be replaced.

Install the two ball valves I mentioned earlier, you can easily Close the two ball valves will cut off the circulating water in and out, and replace the fan coil unit.

The entire water system does not need to stop working, and the main unit and other fan coil units operate normally without affecting the use of the entire system.


Fan coil fittings that do not use 304 stainless steel are prone to rust
However, if you do not install two ball valves and need to replace the fan coil unit, you can only stop the entire water system and empty the water in the entire water system, and the damaged fan can only be disassembled when no water overflows in the pipeline. Coil.

If you don’t, the water in the lines will be under pressure and a lot of water will flow into the room.

So, as I told you before. Be sure to let customers install these essential accessories, which can play a big role in critical times.


The two ball valves I mentioned to you above not only need to be installed but also need to tell your customers that they must buy high-quality ball valves, otherwise, after 10 or 20 years, the poor-quality ball valves will rust, even if the valve has no appearance.

Damaged, but the globe ball valve inside the valve has been severely rusted.


The filter screen of the filter ball valve is blocked, and the filter ball valve is rusted
When you need to close the valve, there are two possibilities.

The first is that the handle of the valve is so rusted that it cannot be twisted;

The second is that the ball valve inside the valve is severely rusted and damaged. The handle is closed but the ball valve cannot be completely closed, and there is still Water, after dismantling the fan coil unit, water still flows out and cannot be replaced normally.
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